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About Us

Welcome to El Giga Farms

GIGA Farms Ltd is a social indigenous Ghanaian business that is into sustainable agricultural production, creating employment for the less skilled and the vulnerable persons while producing nutritious food for the benefit of all. Thus, GIGA Farms Ltd aspires to contribute towards creating jobs, promoting good health as well as empowering women and youth and ultimately adding value to the lives of all the stakeholders of the project.

The company started operations in 2019 but was formally incorporated in November 2020.

Our Purpose, Vision and Mission


Daringly Different, Purpose Led, Future Fit


Create a sustainable shared value that makes a difference in people’s lives and our communities by producing nutritious food that is loved by the people.


Building successful agribusinesses through long-term investment and support to deliver positive impact at scale.

GiGA Farms Ltd is committed to the following:

  • Community transformationinvolving broad based community integration to create livelihood opportunities for the people and contribute to improving community assets (roads, schools, hospitals, and water) in all operational steps
  • A long-term perspective for food security, community transformation, and poverty reduction
  • Women and Youth empowerment through a deliberate affirmative policy

El Giga Farms Overview

The activities of GiGA farms are in five major components as detailed below.

*Inputs production (seeds and fertilizer)

*Mechanization services

*Inputs credits

*Extension services

*Market linkages

* Maize Nucleus farm

* Maize Outgrowers Management

* Feed mill

* Milling Services

* Feed ingredients sales

* Warehousing

*Layers Nucleus farms

*Broilers Nucleus farms

*Broilers Outgrowers Management

* Eggs

* Chicken

* Goats

* Beef

* Cold store services 

Our Management Team

Our Advisors

EL GiGA is governed by a 5 -member advisors, that comprises highly experienced industrialist from agriculture, entrepreneurship development, financial services, food processing, and poultry and feed production.

Corporate Registration Details

November 30, 2020 


  • B4615, PROF MILLS HWY, 
  • VA-2752-0194,
  • Dave Junction,  Airport Rd, Ho

El Giga Farms Site, Abutia – Adegblevi

MD 1756, Madina, Accra