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Ho, Dave junction, Off Airport Road, Ghana

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Poultry farm
The farm currently has a capacity for 24,000 birds in a deep litter system. Production commenced in 2019 with 1500-layer birds and moved up to 22,000 birds. The farm currently has 12,000 birds that are laying at about 80% productivity.

The farm also has a capacity for 2000 broilers, which are mainly produced targeting festive seasons. To expand the broiler production and make it an all-year-round activity, the farm has set up a cold store outlet to enable it process and store the broiler meat for on sale to the public.

Land has been acquired to develop a battery cage system to move the farm capacity to 60,000-layer birds and 10,000 broiler birds by end of 2023.

Crop production
The platform for the outgrower scheme has been developed. This will provide unique identities for each farmer registered under the project, and will ensure, activities are well monitored and supervised. Registration of farmers are ongoing, while other management structures are being put in place.

Feed mill
The farm has set up a 3 mt/h feed mill in Ho to produce tailor made feed for its poultry farm. The mill is also expected to produce for other poultry farmers in and around the region. As part of the feed mill activities, the farm will also retail some critical raw materials for feed processing to the public. The feed mill will be a subsidiary operating efficiently to sustain and generate profit.

Landed property
The farm has over 50 acres of land for its activities. It is also in the processing of leasing a 300-acre land for its nucleus plant. It operates an office and a shop rented on 2-year payment terms. There are three farm houses for managers and workers in Abutia and Ho.

Machinery and Equipment
The farm has a tractor and a set of implements including a trailer, plough and harrow. It has also bought a planter, a boom sprayer and a multipurpose thresher. In addition, the farm has a KIA Rhino truck and a KIA Bongo for transportation and haulage activities. Additional investments are required to enable the farm operate its nucleus farms efficiently.

General infrastructure and other expenditure
About 40% of required infrastructure has been made, with an additional 60% needed to realize the objective of the company.