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El Giga Farms Ltd is a social indigenous Ghanaian business, that desires to venture into sustainable agricultural production, creating employment for the less skilled and the vulnerable persons while producing nutritious food for the benefit of all. Thus, El Giga Farms Ltd aspires to contribute towards creating jobs, promoting good health as well as empowering women and youth and ultimately adding value to the lives of all the stakeholders of the project. learn more



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What Client Say

The eggs from El Giga farms are quality and I have stored them for over 6 weeks, yet the quality remains intact.


The farm provides a means of livelihood for my family. I am able to pay for my children school fees from the sales of eggs I retail from the farm

Mama T, Abutia

I enjoyed the chicken from El Giga farms so much that my fufu is never the same without it"


Areas of Impact


Provision of Jobs (SDG 8)

The farm and its expansion are projected to create about 1500 jobs, comprising the farmers on the out-grower schemes, workers of the nucleus farms, workers in the poultry farm and feed mill, the egg traders, other farmers benefiting from the feed mill as well as the farm management staff.


Supply of Nutritious Foods (SDG 2)

Poultry products are the main protein providers for many Ghanaian homes. Eggs are also a cheap alternative that ensures almost everyone has access to nutritious meals.


Improving Livelihoods (SDG 1)

The farm is expected to engage more than 800 smallholder farmers (women and youth) in its operations, providing incomes of more than $950 per farmer per year. A guaranteed off-take of their maize produce for the feed mill also incentivizes farmers to improve yields.

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